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How Smart LED TV Manufacturer in India are dynamic Changes---


Nitco Technology is an Indian Smart LED TV Manufacturer based in Noida which was established in 1997 by Mr. Raj Kumar Chauhan during 1997. In the past, televisions that were built on the Cathode Ray Tube were popular and popular electronic appliances. At the close of the decade, which began into the 20th century,, there was a massive shortage of telecommunications equipment.

In the same year, NITCOTechnology entered the market as a supplier of communication components. Televisions built are based on Cathode Ray Tube technology used to connect to broadcasting channels using an RF Antenna. Certain NITCO Technology is bringing the necessary adjustments needed to make the latest Smart LED TV more relevant.

History of the Company

The Mr. Raj Kumar Chauhan, the founder as CEO and founder of NITCO Technology, founded NITCO Technology by producing RF Antennas that were an essential component of CRT-based Television. The next few years NITCO Technology came up as a major manufacturer of telecommunication equipment. The company's success has led to Mr. Raj Kumar to expand their business line and expand into the CRT TV moulding business.

Within a short time, they re-created their previous success. NITCO Technology was established within this vertical. CRT TV moldings were specifically designed to work with CRT televisions in the market at the time, which were highly sought-after at the beginning of the decade, beginning the turn of the century. The company has the position of a prominent producer of CRT TV moldings with their products being a hit across India.


YUWA TV Android Television Manufacturers

The rapid growth that occurred in 2015 for their previous ventures forced NITCO Technology's CEO, Mr. Raj Kumar Chauhan take a big decision. He decided to enter the Android Television Manufacturers segment as manufacturers and create the brand's own line that would include Smart LED TVs. Since then, YUWATV has been able to create an entire line of Smart LED TVs that have created a positive impression in the market.

NITCO Technology has been in the market for over 20 years and has been able to deliver quality products that are free of defects and have premium quality. Their selection of Smart LED TV Manufacturer in the market has delivered on promises and brought about the necessary innovations in modern technology.


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